funny computer


PC machinesserialworks?dumped?commentwriteups
Compaq Proliant 800?yesyes[4][6][7][8][9][10]
Sun machinesserialworks?dumped?commentwriteups
SPARCstation IPC131F2926yesyespsu has leaky caps[21][23][28]
SPARCstation IPC134F2609yes?psu severely damaged by cap leaks
hdd unresponsive
SPARCstation 5 (borealis)507FA05Cyesyesneeds new nvram battery[21][23][24][25][28]
SPARCstation 5 (australis)538F1242yesyesneeds new nvram battery[21][23][28][29]
Ultra 5FW84450552yesyes[21][23]
DEC machinesserialworks?dumped?commentwriteups
MicroVAX 3100???
VAXstation 3100 M38 (naiad)???
DEC 3000 (rigel)???
AlphaStation 500/266ZG61800020noyesbad psu
Osborne machinesserialworks?dumped?commentwriteups
Osborne 1?yesn/a[22][26][27]
Sony machinesserialworks?dumped?commentwriteups
PS2 (SCPH-10000)?yesn/a[33]


  1. unsuccessfully finding hardware for a new router (d)
  2. building our new router (d)
  3. fixing our new router, dell p1130, unsuccessfully booting bali (d)
  4. ex-det proliant 800, boneless AT machine (d)
  5. booting the boneless AT machine, low-level formatting usb floppy drives (d)
  6. overclocking the boneless AT machine, firmware setup on the proliant 800 (d)
  7. booting other images on the proliant 800 (d)
  8. dumping the proliant 800 (d)
  9. dumped the proliant 800 (d)
  10. hashcatting the proliant 800 (d)
  11. testing agp/pci video cards with the tually, plus reactos (dh)
  12. “sam.l” thinkpad t23 + thinkpad t61 (bdk)
  13. ophcracking the “sam.l” thinkpad t23 (bdk)
  14. building the support machine, windows 98 feasibility (dh)
  15. verge collection run in mandurah zone 11 (dh)
  16. dell p1130 #2, dell 2407wfpb, custom ivy, siemens 440bx, windows 2000 feasibility and ipv6, oldssl-proxy (dh)
  17. clevo d900t (bdk)
  18. ex-swan-tafe AT machines (bdk)
  19. booting the ex-swan-tafe AT machines (bdk)
  20. funny computers (d)
  21. sunny computers (bdkn)
  22. Osborne 1 - Investigation and Restoration (n)
  23. sunny computers, part 2 (bdkn)
  24. usb3sun, a usb input adapter for sun workstations (dna)
  25. sunny computers, part 3 (bdn)
  26. Compiling Kermit for Osborne 1 (n)
  27. Creating blank disk images for the Osborne 1 (n)
  28. sunny computers, part next (bdn)
  29. usb3sun rev A1, a usb input adapter for sun workstations (dna)
  30. usb3sun rev A2, now with easy firmware updates! (da)
  31. usb3sun rev A3, guaranteed to not hurt your eyes! (dnp)
  32. The SONY PSX - DVR / DESR - Owning one in 2023+ (n)
  33. Modifying a PlayStation 2 (SCPH-10000) power supply for 230V (n)